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Aldo Celeste

SCIOTE SKIN is a reflection of my own journey of self- realization. The realization that I could achieve my dreams, give back and take a risk and follow my heart. With over 25 years of experience working in the beauty industry I've had the incredible privilege to work alongside some of the most supportive, loving people who are also my friends. Those "teachers" not only taught me about myself but also taught me the meaning of SERENITY, COURAGE and WISDOM. For this I am truly grateful!

When I first started in the beauty industry I was definitely a follower. I was young and had such a passion for everything. During that time I remember feeling that I needed to "fit in" and that to me meant following every trend. I never stopped to think about what I was putting on my skin or on my clients skin. Today "Fitting in" has an entirely different meaning to me. It now means feeling comfortable in my own skin, having convictions and standing by them. In creating SCIOTE SKIN my wish is to give others peace of mind, confidence, the ability to think and act while utilizing knowledge when choosing healthier and effective skincare products.

SCIOTE SKIN is part of my soul, my belief in the circle of life that teaches one to KNOW THYSELF and opens the door to possibility and the ability to give back with gratitude. For me, life is about second chances. Anything is possible for anyone and I'm living proof of that fact.